Brevard Invocation was commissioned by the Mountain Chamber players and premiered by them in the summer of 2000.  It is cast in an ABA (fast-slow-fast) form.  The work begins with a solo introduction by the timpani, and the horn gradually fades in.  The two exchange musical fragments, until a steady pulse is set up by the timpani.  This reaches a climax and there is a sudden drop in dynamic level.  Again, the two trade fragments.  Quickly, there is another climax, which ends the first section.

The middle section is more lyrical in quality.  Its arching melodies are centered around Db, held by the timpani.  The long lines gradually give way to more active rhythmic figures, and the timpani emerges.  The music crescendos, and the timpani asserts its introductory ideas.

The last section of the piece is a frenzied chase, the two instruments sometimes working in collaboration, sometimes in competition.  Rapid dynamic changes and quick rhythms dominate this section.  Finally, the two seem to come to rest, only to give way to one last outburst.