Psaume 1, is based on a four-note motive, first sung by the sopranos: Eb-Bb-D-A.  This idea is developed throughout the work.  The motive is passed from voice to voice, and the text is set with very lush harmonies.  The work reaches a high point at the end of verse three, where this motive is repeated by the choir in octaves.

            In verse four there is a shift in the text, focusing now on the wicked.  The four-note motive is again used, but this time in retrograde.  This is to be sung very harshly and without vibrato.  At verse six, the text again speaks of the blessed, and the music is more consonant.  The second half of the verse six returns to the retrograde motive.

            Of course the story does not end there, and I have added a coda like Alleluia and Amen.  This is set with soft, lush chords, ending with the four-note motive as a harmony.