Triton—Program Notes

This work is based on Triton, a mythical god and son of Poseidon.  He is known as the trumpeter of the sea.  Triton is usually depicted as half-man and half-fish (a merman), though he can change his shape.  My piece is a reflection on two incidents in the life of Triton.  When the Giants rebelled against the Olympian gods, Triton assisted by using his conch shell.  The Giants thought this was some wild beast, and took fled from the battle.  In the second movement, Triton comes to the aid of Jason and the Argonauts.  Their ship was sent inland by a great wave.  Jason had been given a great tripod from the god Apollon, and Orpheus suggested Jason make the tripod an offering.  When the tripod was set up, Triton appeared, and safely guided the Argonauts to the sea.